Daily Horoscope Apps for Android 2020

Looking for a Daily Horoscope App for your Android Smartphone? Want to know your Zodiac Sign? A Horoscope is a new home horoscope app for Android that allows you to read horoscopes on your phone and tablet. The horoscope application allows you to read your horoscope in a simple and very fast way or try a love calculator.

With this Android app comes a modern design and a very intuitive user interface that lets you tap the horoscope for your sign with just one touch of the screen.

The app is designed to fit the screen size, allowing you to read seamlessly, whether you’re using a phone or tablet.

The horoscope application allows you to read the following horoscopes:

  • daily,
  • weekly,
  • monthly and
  • love.

You can also try a love calculator in the app.

If you just want to have fun or still believe in horoscopes with help real android apps will be a click away from your destiny. How?

We tend to claim that we do not believe in horoscopes for fear that others will find us superstitious and uneducated. However, we admit it or not, whenever we have the opportunity to look into the horoscope to check what the stars have meant to us.

Here are some of the horoscope apps. It is up to you to choose the one that best fits your interests.


You absolutely must have this application. All horoscopes are written by professional astrologers selected on the basis of seriousness and experience. You can read your horoscope for today and for tomorrow. You can also read the astro forecast for any of the signs, and you can include a notification that notifies you when your horoscope is updated. The Google Horoscope app is fast, convenient and free.

Daily Horoscopes Free

Discover what your future holds. Here you can follow the predictions for your character, partner or friend and, more fun, you can share astro forecasts on social networks.

Zodiac Star Signs

Gives you precise astrologer recommendations based on your zodiac sign. This horoscope will tell you how to behave in the current astro situation from the point of view of the influence of the stars on your sign. With an application like this, it won’t be difficult for you to plan events and make the right decisions.

Birth horoscope

Not sure how to make the right decision. Try a birth horoscope. This app provides some more interesting content. Here you will find all about character traits and destiny based on your date of birth. Birth horoscope will be your perfect guide. This app lets you know how much is left to your birthday, and how much you have been through. Here you can also check the compatibility of your sign, with any of the other zodiac signs and find out how well you fit each other.