Daily Horoscope Apps for iPhone 2020

Looking for a Daily Horoscope App for your iPhone? Want to know youir Zodiac Sign? Are you into astrology? It’s not as tiresome as it might sound – after all, we all need a few words of encouragement every now and again. If you really believe in celestial bodies upstairs or just want to have fun with horoscopes, then you have the right app that will save you from looking for horoscopes on the internet. If you are looking for a daily read or just want to know what your future might be about your sign, then the best horoscope apps can help.

If you are looking for love, check out this Astrology Connection App.


TimePassages, one of the most popular astrology apps, is now a free app that you can use directly on your iPhone. Astrological charts allow you to discover the meaning behind your sun, moon and rising sign. You can also find out if someone is compatible with you using a compatibility meter that shows you the potential for love or even the likelihood of successful business relationships. The app is free for in-app purchases starting at $ 1 and up to $ 10 for unlimited access.


This is a great astrology application that lets you play quizzes online and challenge your friends. You get your free daily horoscope for love, career, health and more. You can get instant tips with Tarot cards, but the app also gives you access to numerology, monthly phase, Mercury retrograde and zodiac compatibility. This app also has an instant messaging feature so you can chat in real time with one friend or even create group conversations. Subscription packages range from $ 2 to $ 45 for a 12-month premium package.


Unlike most horoscope applications, Chaturanga lets you talk to an astrologer. You can ask the first question for free, but if you want to ask additional questions you will need to buy a package or pay for each one individually. The application also specializes in a variety of topics including relationships, career and business. It’s even compatible with the Apple Watch, even if you’re an Apple fan.


Horoscope gives you access to daily, weekly, monthly and annual horoscopes. The app also lets you talk to a psychic, and if you ask questions, you’ll receive answers in minutes. Integration with the Apple Watch is just an added plus.


If you only want an in-depth application that allows for different types of horoscopes, Daily Horoscope may be the app for you. The app gives you daily horoscope, with access to annual Chinese horoscopes, zodiac compatibility, and even druid horoscope. This app is also compatible with Android devices, as well as iPhone me iPad.